Services Provided

As YOUR Private Practice Coach/Consultant I am able to work with you whether you are large or small, start-up or mature and I offer you a highly personalized approach tailored to your practice.

Through vast experience in and exposure to Private Practice, I am able to assist you and your team through an accelerated process of practice evolution designed to attain the professional and personal growth you are striving for.

You can access Coaching & Consulting, on-site and virtually via: phone, internet, Zoom, Go-to-Meeting and other formats that make services highly accessible, cost-effective & convenient
We begin by taking a Differential Diagnosis approach to your practice... your PRACTICE becomes in fact - my patient!

We apply certain tests & measures that enable us to quickly identify your practice's strengths and weaknesses.

We then set both short & long term goals together!

The "intervention plan" that results involves Steffes & Associates resources and expertise but focuses on building your own resources and your practice team in the process!

Practice Team Training for your team - both in-person & virtual are the cornerstones of the Steffes and Associates highly successful approach!

As a Private Practice Coach, I specialize in the following areas:

 Professional Speaking for Conferences, Retreats, Practice Trainings

Therapy Optimal Documentation, Billing & Compliance Services

Marketing/Customer Service Training & Resources

Pediatric Practice Management

Contract Management & Contract Renegotiation

Private Practice Advisory Board Resource

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